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Brenda James is an American porn actress and porn model mostly cast in many milf-themed porn movies. Miss James was born on 10-27-1970 and is now 41 years old. Despite her age, she still looks incredibly young which makes her a perfect model in the many adult films she has been in. This blonde and blue-eyed charmer has natural breasts boasting a 34 c size. Brenda is witty and very versatile in her roles – from being a bored, cheating housewife to a naughty college professor, Brenda proves she can do any role she is asked to and performs them with such wit and enthusiasm.


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Miss James, the beautiful professor. The title really fits her and it shows. What else is there behind her good prof image? Surely there is and we ought to find that out.

So she helps a young student of hers on his notes. But suddenly she noticed something else – he’s good-looking and something good must be hiding inside his pants, she thinks.

Curious professor Brenda couldn’t wait any longer and she starts harassing her cute student. He’s wide-eyed with surprise and he’ll gradually calm down upon knowing more of her dirty agenda.

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Working at the office can be stressful most of the time especially if you’re the boss. Like Brenda, she’s stressed fucking out and her colleague wants to help her relieve that stress.

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